Creating Shared Value

Impact Influencers is an innovative influencer marketing platform on a critical mission—to bring together socially responsible businesses and key influencers who share the objective to: “do well by doing good.”

We believe every individual and business has the power to create a positive impact; your actions—big or small—can make a huge difference to your community, society, the world and the future!

Businesses and brands have the power to work with influencers to help promote their cool products and useful services, but also to care about the communities they operate in.

Likewise, authentic influencers want to represent businesses that not only create great products and services but also contribute to society.

We help identify these businesses and influencers, connecting them to conduct meaningful influencer marketing campaigns that deliver authentic consumer experiences.

We also make an impact by contributing to social causes in two ways:

  • We identify local causes in need of marketing awareness and connect them with businesses and influencers that can support them.
  • We donate 10% of all our fees to the chosen cause.

This whole process benefits society, shows your consumers and stakeholders that as a business you care, and as an influencer your fans will appreciate you more. We create shared value—economic and societal value. The result? Everyone gets to “do well by doing good”—and society also benefits.

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