According to the dictionary, an influencer exerts influence; a person who inspires or guides the actions of others. In terms of marketing, it is a person who is able to generate interest in something, such as a consumer product or service, by posting about it on social media.

As social media influencers, do we need hundreds, thousands or even millions of fans or followers to generate impact? A big following certainly helps to gain popularity, amplify our message, and increase our commercial value in a business transaction with our commercial partner. However, this should not be everything.

Everyone’s an influencer, no matter how big or small the number of followers you reach. At Impact Influencers, we believe that integrity, authenticity, and ingenuity are more important in generating valuable engagement for our fans and commercial partners. We have the responsibility to act with a good conscience, always do the right thing and partner with brands, products and services that we are genuinely interested in.

The potential to encourage positive action in others is far more powerful than just promoting a product or service that we like, admire or simply enjoy. This is because when we encourage positive action—to promote healthy, social, or environmentally friendly behavior in others—it comes from a good place, with good intentions, and can be felt by our audience.

We should always take time to consider how our content is consumed by our fans and we should be aware of the values and moral actions of our commercial partners. Do they fit with our own values and can we say we 100% support the brand and what they stand for? And are we positive that the end result of the partnership is something that we can be proud of?

Companies have a moral and ethical obligation to do good for society and in the communities they operate in. Progressive ones have made Corporate Shared Value and Social Responsibility a strategic focus, and successful business leaders know it enhances the competitive position of their company and advances the society in which they operate.

As influencers, what does this mean for us? And what can we do to support our partner’s Corporate Shared Value? For starters, we can familiarize ourselves with the challenges our society and the environment faces. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) serve as a good guideline in helping us understand what needs to be accomplished to address the world’s challenges.

Sustainable Development Goals illustration

With the SDG as a benchmark, we can seek out and make sure the partners we work with have social and environmental initiatives and corporate policies in place to tackle these challenges. We can check to see if they work with non-profit organizations, local charities, or social and environmental causes.

There is a growing number of non-profit organizations and charities doing good for society, which is very good. They do great service in the community, but most of them do not have the funding or manpower to carry out their missions. They rely on corporate partners for financial support, marketing assistance and volunteers.

As an influencer, you can look for local social causes that align with your values and find ways to volunteer, partner, or help them raise awareness. At Impact Influencers, we bring together socially responsible businesses and key influencers with the common objective to give back to society. Get in touch to find out how we can help you be a part of this journey and do well by doing good.