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Welcome! We are pleased that you have decided to join a community of progressive businesses that market your offerings while being committed to doing good and giving back to society.

As a subscriber on Impact Influencers, you can be sure that the influencers on our platform have excellent credentials with good engagement rates and target audience reach, care about society and the environment, and contribute to social causes.

Even if you do not have an immediate need for an influencer to market your product or service, you can leverage them to support any of the listed causes on the platform that aligns with your business goals and create a positive impact on the community your business operates in.

We are the only existing platform that contributes directly to social causes by taking the time to identify and work closely with local causes to support their vital marketing needs and donates 10% of all fees generated to these causes.

We are an open community and welcome all types of businesses; even if you think you do not need an influencer to promote your business you can make a positive contribution to society by supporting worthy causes.

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