ARK Animal Refuge Kansai

Year Founded

ARK Animal Refuge Kansai

ARK was founded in 1990 by Elizabeth Oliver, a British citizen living in Japan. It was registered as an NPO in 1998 and became a certified NPO in 2016. ARK has a shelter in Nose town, Osaka prefecture, a new facility, still undergoing development, in Tamba-Sasayama, Hyogo prefecture, and an office in Tokyo. Animals, mainly dogs and cats number around 200, cared for by 20 staff with volunteer help.


To protect and assist homeless animals and to alleviate suffering while promoting animal welfare within Japan to international standards through education and example.


  1. to rescue, rehabilitate and find homes for abandoned, stray, unwanted, ill-treated and sick animals in Japan.
  2. to promote the better care, treatment and understanding of animals through education and by raising public awareness of issues relating to animal welfare in Japan.
  3. to encourage the practice of neutering in order to reduce the numbers of unwanted animals.
  4. to uphold the principles of current Japanese laws which prevent cruelty to animals and to support further legislation which seeks to promote their better protection and treatment.