Year Founded


The Knights in White Lycra was formed in 2012 by a few plump British men needing to get fit and wanting to give back. The song ''Nights in White Satin'' gave a name to a bicycle ride they never thought they would repeat. In 2013, ten men cycled 330kms to Minamisoma to raise ¥2.7 million for the Save Minamisoma Project, helping those in temporary accommodation after the 3/11 tragedy.

Inspired by their experience, and with the first lady participant, 20 cyclists rode 500kms from Tokyo to Minamisanriku to raise ¥5.5 million for OGA for Aid to build a vegetable processing unit in Tohoku. 26 cyclists completed the journey in 2015 for ''Place to Grow'', raising ¥7.4 million to facilitate agricultural education for local children.

In 2016, KIWL partnered with Mirai no Mori. 42 cyclists rode from Tokyo to an Iwate care home. KIWL raised ¥10 million, and the same ride in 2017 raised ¥14.4 million. The 37 cyclists of the 2018 KIWL 500, rode from Nikko to Ichinoseki to raise ¥12 million for Mirai no Mori in support of their Leader in Training program. KIWL also raised sufficient funds to help NPO Esperanza to bring Frame Football to Japan for the first time, realizing the footballing dreams of children with cerebral palsy. In 2019, 42 riders completed a grueling ride on a different route, which with fringe events, has raised Y13.6 million to date for our newly chosen charity, YouMeWe NPO.

​KIWL has raised ¥66.3 million for disadvantaged children in Japan. We welcome people of any age and ability with the desire to 'get fit and give back' to join us in empowering fragile young children to become successful young adults who also contribute to their communities.


Get fit and give back! KIWL welcomes anyone in Japan seeking to 'get fit & give back' through sport & leisure. Cycling, motorcycling, walking, running, Futsal, golf, pub quizzes, social nights, there's something for everyone of all ages and abilities! Watch our short video for a taste of KIWL!